Change Gmail Password

Dear friends! today I will show you how to change Gmail password with a very short trick. To change Gmail password you have to follow the 3 Simple steps.

  1. Sign in to Your Gmail Account
  2. Click on Security Setting
  3. Change Gmail Password

1. Sign In To Google Account

password change of gmail

Dear friends many people get confused and they open the Gmail account and want to change the password from there. But Gmail Password cannot be changed from there.

If you opened Gmail account then click on the google account icon in the right side top corner.


how to change gmail Password

After clicking on the right top corner enter your account login details and now you will see a new interface in front of your Gmail Dashboard.

2. Open Security Tab

password change gmail

As per the image direction you have to click on the security tab in your Google account. When you will click on security new user interface will present in front of you.

You have to look for change Gmail password. All information is given below in the third point.

3. Change Gmail Password

how to change gmail password

As per the Image instructions you have to select the password tab. This tab will show you last changed password record.

When you will click on the password tab it will ask you to enter your email Id and password. It is a 2 step verification process.

As you will click on next it will ask you to enter a new password. This new password will be your desired password. 

Enter this password as per the detailed instruction or if you are having trouble following the Password Manager guidelines.

Verify your new account password and you have all done. Now you can cross check your account login information by signing in again with new details.


Benefits of Changing Gmail Password

We should change our password frequently. Changing password keep our account safe and secure.

If you use multiple computers like an office computer and a public computer. And by mistake, you forget to log out your account then you can immediately change your password.

This activity will protect you from unwanted use and your personal file will be safe in all aspects.


Dear friends, I hope everything is clear to you about how to change Gmail account password. 

Now you can easily change your password and keep your account secure from several unwanted activities.

According to my personal opinion for security reason, we should change our Google account password every week.

But if you have trouble and don’t want to change the password of Google Account so frequently then you should use multiple accounts for multiple purposes.

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