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Quick Index Tips For 2021 [ Don’t Miss ]

Dear friends, you have seen many blogger websites whose content gets a quick index after they publishing. Many times we compare that our high-quality article left Behind. And the average content of these sites gets quick organic search results.

Do you ever think about what kind of activities these people are doing with their sites? What are their website ranking factors? This situation mostly happened with new bloggers.

Recently with passage indexing update some bloggers and agencies are getting relax dear blog is ranking on top. But what about you if you are lagging behind? How you will beat this competition? Are you updating yourself with the current Google algorithm updates?

These are the questions that stop a website from getting on top when somebody searches for that particular topic. But don’t worry there are always solutions.

If you want Quick Index for your blog and website then you have to follow these basic guidelines. And I am sure after applying this your blog will fly like a rocket.

Quick Indexing Tips

I am sharing some important tips. If you will follow all these the new blogger websites will rank on top instantly after you publish your post or article.

1. Submit With Webmaster Tool

Quick Indexing Webmaster submission
Quick Indexing Webmaster submission

All search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, Baidu, Yandex, Duckduckgo, etc have their webmaster tools. Webmaster tools keep the records of your website data.

When somebody searches for a specific keyword or question, then these webmasters crawl your blog or website data & compare it with other data, and show results on the screen.

So, if you want quick indexing then submit your website with the webmaster tool. For doing this first of all add your site and verify your domain ownership. After this submit your sitemap in the respected area.

This will do 2 things. First your website data will be delivered to the search engine hassle-free. Second, your site will be preferred compared to the non-submitted website with a search console.

Also, you can request manual requesting from the search console Request Manual Index option.

2. Long Tail Keywords

If you really want to get on top search results quickly after placing your post. Then you have to work on long tail keywords aur medium tail keywords. If you are a new blogger than completely avoid working on short keywords.

Let’s see the example of short and long tail keywords:

Short Keywords: Website Ranking
Medium Tail Keywords: Website Ranking Factors
Long-Tail Keywords: Website Ranking Factors For Beginners

Here you can see the example of all kinds of keywords. Initially focus on home long-tail keywords. These keywords will give you small traffic but you will get a quick indexing.

3. Intent Based Article

Sometimes users write articles according to Search Engine Optimization plugin guidelines and high search volume keywords. But you are writing content for peoples not for webmasters.

Your content should be meaningful for viewers. Always write content with complete A to Z information about any topic. Cover all possible doubts for that particular content.

Always write high-quality intent-based articles for users. This will develop reliability among users and they will prefer to browse your domain compared to others.

Google and other search engines will get good signals for your website because people are returning to it. After some time you will notice that your content or blog post is getting a quick index after publishing.

4. Be Regular

Quick Indexing
Quick Indexing

You have to be regular on your blog. Decide a fixed time interval for publishing posts. If any day you miss publishing an article then that day updates any existing articles.

It will give a good signal to Google that you are regular on your blog. Regularity is also a ranking factor for Google and other search engines.

5. Embed Media Video Infographics

An article can be published in multiple prospects like infographics, presentations, YouTube videos, Doodle text, etc. Always try to cover your article in all possible formats. After publishing your article on multiple platforms embed them on your website post.

This will influence your visitors to click on your link from another platform to your website. Also, it will increase your branding and natural advertising. People who are looking for in-depth knowledge will come to your website from other platforms like Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, and YouTube.

Then Google crawler will crawl your blog and will see that you are getting links from other high authority websites like YouTube LinkedIn then it will be ranked quickly.

6. Internal linking

Internal linking is one of the most important Search Engine Optimization factor that helped in indexing. Some time your cornerstone articles get huge traffic but small article lack behind.

In this case if you will do internal linking then your article will start ranking quickly. This is the power of internal linking. Always link your old contents with newly written content or vice versa.

7. Social Share For Quick Index & Traffic

Quick Index
Quick Index

Currently people are always active on multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube. If you will share your articles on these platforms in respected manner, then you will generate quite amazing user engagement.

As a result of this engagement you will get organic ranking from Google also. I have try this method personally. And believe me it work amazingly.

8. Forum Discussions

Join Forum platforms like Quora, Reddit, etc for getting user attention instantly. These platforms has a number of common interest people. When you discuss about a perticular topic or problem you get quick response.

If you will rase a social issue then you will get quick response from here. This kind of activity will help you to get quick index results on Google search engine and other browsers.

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