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How To Write Quality Content For Blog 2021

Everything in the world depends on reliability and reliability comes from quality. In the same, if you want to get more attention from the online world then you have to produce quality content. Or you may say that you have to write high-quality articles if you are a blogger.

I have attended the interview with many Pro bloggers about the SEO, passage indexing, Quick Index, Website Ranking, etc. Their main advice was to focus on the quality of content. You can relate it to your practical life.

When we search for a particular query or question on the internet, we prefer to read the quality information there. If anything goes against it we do bounce back for another webpage.

If you have quality and provide value to your viewers or customers, then they will come to you definitely. Doesn’t matter you are easy to reach or not.

Likewise, In this post, we will see what is high quality content and how to write quality content. So, if you want to get success in your blogging career, focus on the information provided by us.

First, we will see what is a high quality article or you can say great content, and then we will see how to write a great blog post for your website and provide quality content to your viewers.

What Is Quality Content

An Intent-based in-depth knowledge article that covers almost all possible doubts of a particular search query is known as a high-quality article. Content should be user engaging and encourage user returning.

I. Properties of High Great Content

Dear viewers if you want to know the quality of your articles then you have higher someone like your friends, colleagues, etc for quality check with necessary aspects.

If you get positive feedback it means you are writing great content. Otherwise, the quality of your content is very low you have to work on it as soon as possible.

  • Simple and easy to understand language.
  • User engaging content.
  • Well, Structured articles.
  • To The Point Information.
  • Should Cover All Possible Doubts.
  • Short And Media Rich Article.
  • Writing Intent-Based Articles For Only Users

Sometimes you can take feedback from your viewers. For doing this you can take the help of Google Analytics or Microsoft Bing clarity tool. These tools will represent the behavior of users towards your blog or website.

II. You Are Not Producing High Quality Articles If

  • You are using complicated words.
  • No Content Structure
  • Unnecessary increasing Post Length
  • Only Focusing on SEO Plugins And Webmasters
  • Not Using Media Like Image, Video, Infographics.

How To Write Quality Content

Writing great content is not an easy task. It requires regular practice and comparison with your past work or previous article. For writing quality content, you have to do competition with yourself because nobody in the world can beat you.

You are the only one who can defeat you. Regular practice, continuous improvement, and continuous comparison with the previous articles will make you a perfect content creator.

If you really want to learn to write quality content then you have to follow the guidelines properly. So, let’s start with quality guidelines for or quality writing:

1. Write Intent Based In Depth Articles

Do you know what kind of mistake new bloggers do with their websites? They write content based on focus keywords and optimize it according to the SEO plugins like Yoast SEO or RankMath SEO.

I am not saying these plugins are bad! Of course not. These plugins are very helpful for checking your content quality. But are not good for writing quality content.

Just make a note that only write content for uses. Solve their intent in your article. If you are thinking about what is the instant article. Then I would like to tell you about it.

Intent-based articles are those articles whose subject is based on the question’s meaning. Suppose someone is looking for the best coffee shop in Meerut. It means the searcher is looking for a coffee shop for visiting this place with someone special like friends, family members, etc.

So, now you got the intent of viewers. Just optimize your content accordingly like talk about the exact location, the specialty of that coffee shop, sitting arrangement, and quality of the coffee.

Here you don’t need to tell about how to drink and order coffee, how to make coffee when this coffee shop was started, etc all this information will be nonsense here.

2. Structure Content Properly

Giving structure to your content is very important. It provides a quick overview of your long article. Suppose someone wants to get a specific piece of information from your content.

If your content is structured, he/she will easily find that information. Otherwise, he has to read the whole article. Such kind of article will give a negative impact on users and they will skip your link next time.

So, if you are serious about blogging, then write properly structured articles. This will influence viewers to click on your article link. Sometimes viewers will click on your link just to cross-check their information.

How To Give Structure To A Great Content

For structuring your content you have to do formatting of your article. For doing this you have to divide your content into small parts. You can do this in the same way as we write essays and long answer type questions in our schools.

For structuring the content you can use editor features of block. Follow the below tips:

  1. Use h2,h3,h4 headings for defining main topics.
  2. Use bullet points and a numbering system for multiple points.
  3. The main topic of the keyword should be Underline, bold, or Italic for catching attention.
  4. Try to tell more with few words.
  5. Use gap after each paragraph and heading.

3. Write Short Paragraphs

At present time nobody likes to read long and lengthy paragraphs. If you want to create great content then just write simple and short paragraphs.

Try to cover your speech in words. Use meaningful words in your paragraph.

4. Use Image And Infographics

Pictures speak more than words. Sometimes a single picture can tell more than a thousand words. So for writing quality articles don’t underestimate the power of image and infographics.

Always remember that people I like to watch instead of reading. So if you will provide visual material in your blog post or article, its quality will increase automatically.

5. Provide Information Source

Giving the source of information during writing an article increase the reliability of the information. Suppose you are telling a piece of homeopathic medicine information.

If you will provide the source like book name, or doctor’s prescription, this information will become more authentic compared to non-source information.

If you are taking idea from other websites the provide their source link and give image credit to the images of your articles.

6. Write To The Point Information

When people come across your webpage they have multiple quarries in their mind. They are not in the mood of reading your unnecessary emotional story.

Just provide to the point information about that particular search quarry. All technical information should be to the point of focusing on the main keyword. But if you are writing a story, then you can give an emotional touch to your content.

Benefits of Writing Quality Content

  • These Articles get a quick ranking in Google.
  • Increase your chance to appear in Passage Index and Rich Schema Questions.
  • Reduce Bounce rate from visitors.
  • Increase average view durations on Google.
  • Increase Returning visitors to your blog.
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