6 Big mistakes I made in my career:

1. Frequent job hops, they get us nowhere, in fact, spoil the cv, learning also does not happen. Career growth is only linked to job changes which are a big trap. Job hoppers are not shortlisted for good jobs/companies.

2. Staying too long in a company is also not good unless the roles are changing.

3. Moving for money, most people do this & then get stuck. Some companies pay more than the market and then you become unemployable. On the flip side sometimes people who move for money end up still being underpaid. I realized my career progressed better when I stayed in a firm both in terms of money and role.

4. Joining the company & not for the manager. It is important to work for a good leader. Be sure who will be your manager and would you like to work for him/her.

5. Not upskilling on the hot skills, if one does not do this, layoffs are a given. If your salary keeps increasing and your skills don’t then one day you will be sitting at home.

6. Blaming company, manager, colleagues, clients, HR for all the problems, it only later I realized it was me, and I was not taking ownership.

What mistakes are you making? Where are you stuck? What are you doing about it? Are you taking ownership?