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OneCoin News [Official] Based on Facts & Proof 2020



Onecoin news

OneCoin News

Let’s see the official OneCoin News With proof and proper detail in simple language. OneCoin NewsLetter News updates.

Official NewsLetter Update January 2020

In this newsletter, we get some updates about the Meeting with captions. And they issue a complete list for all upcoming DealShaker expo.

DealShaker Development is one of the biggest challenges for all leaders and Members. As it is going to decide the future of OneCoin cryptocurrency.

New Franchisees are asked to show their report card for the current work done by them. And ask for the new 3-year plan from 2020 to 2022. How they will develop the DealShaker business. Report 24 Dec 2019

London police stopped their investigation regarding OneCoin $4bn USD fraud. Investigation authority found nothing illegal activity or money laundering in one-ecosystem.

OneCoin is a fully legal, transparent merchant coin. The company is following its vision and mission. They will make it a stable coin.

OneLife News 11 Dec 2019

The company announces that Li Simon Quoc Hong(Crown Diamond of OneLife network) will be the new Caption of OneLife. And Cordel King Jayms James(OneLife Blue Diamond) will be the new Co-Caption of OneLife network.

Both captions will work like a bridge between OneLife Company And OneLife members.

Along with this important announcement, the company shares the upcoming planning for OLN promotion, DealShaker Promotion, and Ranking promotion. Everything is stated in detail in very simple words.

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Important Corporate Announcement

5 Dec 2019

Veselina Valkova And Habib Ur Rahman Zahid are no longer the part of OneLife company or ONE Ecosystem.

Also, the company appreciates the hard work of these two candidates. This is the greatness of the company.

Recently people are facing issues with the OneCoin.EU website. There are some technical issues arising in the software. Very soon these issues will be resolved. This is the latest OneCoin news circulating on so many platforms.

Mr. Jose Gordo Imp. Announcement

4 Sept 2019

It was 4th September when the contract of Mr. Jose Gordo (as a Master Distributor) was terminated.

Also, After 4th Sept. all queries regarding payments are being handled by the payment department of OneLife.

The company published official OneCoin news in this reference. I am listing that below. You may check this official news.