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Hello, friends today we will see some updates regarding OneCoin Exchange and DealShaker Development. We are including Dealshaker development because OneCoin is a Merchant coin.

Many friends and fans from all over the world generally get in touch with me through social media, email and also by telephonic conversation. Almost 98% of them want to know about the OneCoin Exchange.

There are some rare persons who are interested in the establishment of an ecosystem. Ald they talk about the whole One Ecosystem.

Let’s see something interesting…

OneCoin Vision

OneCoin vision was to create a coin with a stable price. Price stability depends upon usability. And usability depends upon the mass adoption of merchants.

Let’s take the example of the biggest cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Bitcoin was created to facilitate cross border transactions with a low transaction fee. But we all are aware of the results. Noone trust on Bitcoin. The main reason is price uncertainty.

The reason behind this is uncontrolled price fluctuation. Suppose you want to sell a laptop with 1 Bitcoin price value. Today 1 Bitcoin 6000$ approx. But after the next few days, Bitcoin price will drop and you will get 1 Bitcoin = 2000$. Then as a merchant, you have to suffer a lot. And this is the reason why so many merchants avoid accepting payments in Bitcoin.

Except for a few coins rest, all cryptocurrencies are failed due to the uncertain market.

Nobody can guess the upcoming price of Bitcoin. So, my dear friends, OneCoin is developing the userbase and merchants. These merchants have started accepting ONEs for their products and services.

Till now there are almost 725000+ Registered and Individual merchants on the Dealshaker platform. They are successfully doing their business with OneCoin Payment.

Now you can purchase almost everything like fruits, vegetable, Kitchen Item, Makeup And Beauty Product, Cars, Bikes, Flat and hotel booking with OneCoin Payment. If you can get these all directly then why you need OneCoin Exchange?

What Do We Want?

Have you ever asked yourself what we want from OneCoin? Maybe we all want to watch our dreams come true and that is only possible with OneCoin vision and not with the OneCoin Exchange.

If OneCoin will launch its exchange like other coins then it’s vision will be ruined. So the company is focusing on Dealshaker development.

Are you aware recently the company announces that a new merchant will get 500 Tokens reward on the approval of their first merchant deal? Before this merchant was only rewarded 100 Tokens.

OneCoin Exchange Dr Ruja Ignatova

By this announce we can see that how serious is the company about Dealshaker development. Because merchants are the backbone of One Ecosystem.

So finally if we want more values of our mined coins then we have to work on the Dealshaker platform.

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  1. Sigur este necesar să înceapă onecoin exchenge, Dorim și noi cei care deținem moneda dar și comerciantii trebuie sa schimbe moneda, ei nu pot să își blocheze afacerea. Ai nevoie de foarte multe lucruri în viața ,servicii, nu ne putem limita la o mașină sau laptop . Nici astea nu le găsești . Dorim exchenge,numai așa se v a dezvolta și îi v a creste valoarea. Ar intra multi Comercianti cusgranta!

    • We need the exchange because deal shaker is NOT AVAILABLE in the US! We are currently holding worthless coins.

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