I want to share important information with those who think that OneCoin Game Over. Please read these points carefully and share them with your colleagues.

Satendra Saini Points

As the replacement of weak or damaged parts makes a chain stronger, similarly OneCoin is becoming more stronger with upcoming challenges.

The company is providing each point to point information to its users through the official newsletter. Nothing is hidden there. It represents the transparency and professionalism of the OneLife company.

OneCoin office is being refurbished with the upcoming requirement of our network. And it is not a new thing to worry about. Each company updates their existing infrastructure.

Its team is working on the website. And very soon they will fix the bugs. We will see our website live with fully functionality.

Habib, Veselina, Mark, and Sina are no longer the part of OneLife company. Mark spread some negative news about the company. It may be natural as he is being fired from the company.

OneCoin clearly stated their stand and everyone is aware of it. No one can stay with the OneLife company without following its vision and mission completely.

These left leaders try to start their own business by stealing the concept of OneCoin cryptocurrency like Duncan Author.

But we all know that there is no existence of such peoples. Almost all of them try to open and promote their new coin but they all are failed now.

Those who are trying to cheat their followers will be caught red-handed very soon.

OneCoin Game No It’s Not Over

Each and every business have their success plan. There may be three types of business plans.

  • Short Term Business Plan
  • Medium-Term Business Plan
  • Long Term Business Plan

Short term business plans may be up to 3 months and a medium-term business plan can take 3-6 months. While long term business plans can go up to 6-12 months.

OneLife people are becoming more professional with their business. Everything is ok and will be there on time. So it’s not the game over.

All who left the business will curse themselves very soon in the upcoming time. They will try to come back to the business again. But no it’s too late.

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OneCOin game is changing the imagination action of all people around the world.

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