Friends, please understand Dr. Ruja Vision for launching or introducing OneCoin Cryptocurrency in the market.

Table of Content
1. Is OneCoin a Scam?
2. What Is OneCoin Project?
3. How Dr. Ruja Vision is Different From Other Cryptocurrencies?
4. Why Usability is So Important For Price Stability?
5. Dr. Ruja Vision Final Points And Track Record

The main reason behind this article is the repeated request by my friends and followers from different social media platforms. People are always asking about the OneCoin exchange launch.

Let’s see the best answer to this question!

Is OneCoin a Scam?

As the company officially announce by its newsletter that they will come to exchange in the year 2019. It was assumed by the members that they will launch the exchange in January 2019. They clear from their official press release and said We Are One Step Away From The Exchange Launch.

But due to some reasons, we were unable to witness that moment. And people start thinking that OneCoin is a Scam and nothing happened after that. So my dear friend is aware that the company has cleared so many legal investigations since then.

My dear friends just think that no scam can exist for so long. And here we are discussing a cryptocurrency that was introduced in the market 5 years back. And since that working continuously with all legal challenges.

The company has cleared so many investigations. Recently on 2nd June 2019, an official press was released for British Investigation confirmation.

You may check it by clicking the given link. ONECOIN INVESTIGATION IN SWEDEN IS CLOSED.

What Is OneCoin Project?

OneCoin is a merchant coin. The main objective behind its launch was to make stable and centrally regulated crypto coins. All the parts of ONE Ecosystem like DealShaker, OneAcamedy, OneWorldFoundation are related to this vision.

Just think why people are so curious about OneCoin and DealShaker. Why there are so many haters in the market against OneCoin. Now you may be thinking that OneCoin is risky.

Yes, of course, it is. But tell me a single business that is not risky. And Dr. Ruja Vision and mission both are quite different.

They want to provide the banking system without a bank for everyone.

How Dr. Ruja Vision is Different From Other Cryptocurrencies?

There are so many cryptocurrencies available in the market. Both centralized and decentralized cryptocurrencies are available in the market already. But these all are lacking behind somewhere.

Like they have not enough userbase, they have not enough direct usability. Also, their blockchain is very slow for merchants. There is no price stability.

But with OneCoin, everything is as per future requirement and customer and merchant need. Everything will be tracked by the KYC and CDD process. Blockchain is superfast compared to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Price stability is the primary concern of ONE Ecosystem. There is the largest merchant hub that is accepting ONE as their payment for goods and services.

Likewise, the main objective or Dr. Ruja Vision focuses on creating ONE usability. Almost 111K merchants are accepting payments on DealShaker. You can purchase anything with your OneCoin without an exchange launch.

How it is possible? And how can someone sell his products without exchange confirmation? Just think OneCoin is a merchant coin with huge userbase and active usability without an exchange launch.

Means OneCoin Price will be stable. So no worry to sell their products.

Why Usability is So Important For Price Stability?

Friends since Bitcoin was introduced to the market, so many ICOs have come and gone. They all did the same mistake. They start their ICO and launch the exchange. But the main focus should be on creating usability.

Even Bitcoin has failed in its vision. Bitcoin was created to provide low-cost transactions without any banks or third-party control. But they didn’t fulfill the merchant criteria.

No merchants like to receive payment in Bitcoin as the price is completely uncertain. And also there is no security of funds for any mistakes.

Likewise, we can see that hacking, smuggling, and illegal activities are reporting day by day with Bitcoin from all over the world.

Dr. Ruja Vision Final Points And Track Record

ONE was launched to provide banking to all individuals from all corners of the world with low cost and fast transaction speed. Along with trackable blockchain with KYC and CDD procedure.

Price stability will be developed or is developing by direct usability on the DealShaker platform. DealShaker platform is the first and biggest online e-commerce platform that accepting OneCoin payment for goods and services without any exchange launch.

Dr. Ruja’s vision for OneCoin cryptocurrency and the new concept of OneCOin centralized cryptocurrency. Dr. Ruja Vision For OneEcosystem.

1.Powerful Blockchain
2.Global Cryptocurrency
3.Easy & Safe To Use
4.Fully Transparent
5.Largest Usability on DealShaker Without Exchange


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