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Best Laptops Under 15000 In India October 2019 Video Reviews



Best Laptops Under 15000


Best Laptops Under 15000

Hello, friends, we have done comprehensive research for the best laptops under 15000 in India. And After checking multiple YouTube reviews, and reading thousands of customer reviews from Amazon and Flipkart, we decide to share the top 10 best laptops under 15000 in India with good features.

Don’t worry about the features you will get up to 4 GB RAM, 500 GB hard disk, Windows 10 latest, Intel Pentium Processor, Intel HD Graphics, 14 Inch HD Screen, and good battery life.

Friends under 15000 we get good features for performing our daily tasks like excel work, blogging, YouTube, Watching movies, Photo Editing, and basic business work.

We have considered all user requirements and showing you the results like best laptop under 15000 with 4 GB RAM and the best laptop under 15000 with 500 GB hard disk. In this article, we have covered laptops range between 10000 to 15000. And as I told earlier price maybe 200 to 300 plus or minus.

Friends in this post we have covered laptops from iBall, RDP, and Zentalite companies. Maybe you have not heard these names earlier. SO either you can check about these companies on the Wikipedia or

In case if you want to go with HP, Lenovo, Acer or Dell like companies then you have to increase your budget a little more. I have written a detailed post for the Best Laptop Under 20000 in India. These Laptops start from 17000 or 18000 and could be a good choice for you.

List of Top 7 Best Laptops Under 15000 In India Tablewise

There are so many articles on the internet that offers the best laptop under 15000 in India 2019-2020 but I have seen that they included laptops range under 20000. This is not fair, it is some kind of misleading information.

Friends price may vary up to +/- 200-300 as it is decided by the third party. But a product under 15000 can not go beyond 16000.

Table of Contents

1. iBall Premio V 3 2018 14-Inch Laptop
a. iBall YouTube Video Review
2. RDP ThinBook 1310-EC1 11.6 Inch Laptop
b. RDB ThinkBook Unboxing Video Review
3. iBall CompBook Excellence-OHD
4. RDP ThinBook 1450-ECH 14.1-inch Laptop
5. Champion Champ Air C114
6. Zentality AIR C114 14.1 Inch, Laptop
7. RDP ThinBook 1450-EC2 14.10-inch Laptop
8. Best Laptops Under 15000 In India Popular YouTubers Video Reviews
9. Things Kept in Mind While making the list
10. Buyers Guide

1. iBall Premio V 3 2018 14-inch Laptop

iBall is a very well known name for electronic items like digital writer and desktops. Maybe you have ever used one of the iBall Company products. Also, I am using iBall digital writer since 2014 and found no problem with it. Recently iBall launches its 14 Inch laptop model iBall Premio V 3.

iBall Premio V 3 was launched in 2018 and since then it is available in the market with thousands of satisfied customers. iBall Premio V 3 has 4 GB RAM which is good for all basic digital tasks.

Screen Size is 14 inch which brings it into the category of the laptop from the notebook. Likewise, 14-inch screen size is good for all business purpose and FHD IPS screen technology makes it perfect for the visual experience.

Laptop have Intel Pentium Processor N4200 which is good for multitasking and playing high definition video. While we came to the video we required hard disk storage.

This laptop has 32 GB internal HDD with a 128 GB capacity microSD slot. And you don’t need to worry for 32 GB HDD it can be upgraded up to 1TB HDD/SSD based on user interest.

iBall Premio V 3 comes with preinstalled Windows 10 Home version and best trackpad that makes you work super easy and convenient.

Technical Features

ModelPrimo V 3
Screen Size14-inch FHD IPS Display
ProcessorIntel Pentium Processor N4200
Hard Disk32GB
WindowsWindows 10 Home
Graphics Integrated Graphics
Weight1.3 Kg
Battery Life6 Hours
Warranty1 Year

Special Technology & Buyers Guide

1. Upgradable HDD/SSD

iBall Premio V 3 laptop comes with 32 GB storage capacity which RPM speed is 5400. This 32 GB storage capacity is upgradeable up to 1 TB SATA HDD/SSD.

Along with 32 GB HDD capacity iBall, primo V 3 has a micro SD slot with 128 GB capacity.

Friends all laptops under 15000 are entry-level laptops but in the future, as per your requirement, you can increase its storage capacity. So this is the best selection with upgradable storage capacity.

2. FHD IPS Screen

FHD IPS Screen full form is Full High Definition In-Plane Switching. This is a great technology designed for LCD ( liquid crystal display). With this technology, we get great picture quality and visual effects.

3. Intel Pentium Processor

Intel is considered the best processor manufacturing company in the world. And when we get an intel processor with an entry-level laptop that increases its importance.

Compared to other companies processors I would love to buy a laptop with an Intel Pentium processor.

1.Crispy Display with IPS technology
2.Good to carry and large enough for any Business purpose
3.Very Good processor play 4K video smoothly.
4.Very Lightweight product.
5.The trackpad is very smooth and responsive.
1.If you want to play the game then battery backup is 4 hours only.
2.No proper air circulation.

a. iBall Premio V 3 2018 14-inch Laptop Video Review

Satendra Saini Suggestion

This laptop has 4 GB RAM, 14 Inch IPS Screen, Intel Pentium processor, And 32 GB upgradable HDD/SSD. I think within 15000 price range this laptop is best.

You can increase the Hard disk size in the future as per your requirement and 4 GB RAM is enough for basic computer & graphics works. This laptop has an Intel Pentium processor which is good for 4K video playing. Also, this will be enough for youtube thumbnail and article thumbnail design.

For a beginner blogger and excel work, this laptop is a good choice.

2. RDP ThinBook 1310-EC1 11.6-inch Laptop 

RDP ThinkBook 1310-EC1 Laptop is a mini laptop. Its screen size is 11.6 inches. These kinds of laptops or we can say mini laptops are widely used bu the top company leaders. Actually these people have finished their business meetings in hotels and coffee shops so such kinds of devices are very convenient for them to carry with their necessary documents.

RDP Think book is the perfect device for basic excel, powerpoint, office, and web browsing. Leaders of multi-level marketing companies prefer to keep which type of laptop.

RDP ThinkBook 1310-EC1 comes with 4 GB RAM and 32 GB HDD with is upgradable up to 1 TB HDD/SSD or 128 GB through MicroSD slot.

Here you get original window 10 so you don’t need and antivirus for your internet security. Windows 10 has an inbuilt antivirus for a lifetime.

This laptop is very lightweight ( only 1.10 Kg) and awesome compact design with the latest features. Here you get intel Quad Core x5-Z8350 processor so don’t worry about the speed and performance.

Technical Features

Screen Size11.6-inch Laptop
ProcessorIntel Quad-Core x5-Z8350 Processor
Hard Disk32GB HDD
Operating SystemWindows 10
GraphicsIntel HD 400 Graphics
Weight 1.10 Kg
Warranty1 Year

Special Features And Technologies With RDP ThinkBook 1310-EC1

1. 11.6 inch HD Display & Intel HD Graphics

RDP ThinkBook 1310-EC1 laptop has an 11.6 inch HD screen with good and crystal clear picture quality. And all of this happens because of the Intel HD graphic. Because in this you get 12 cores and 5 MHz frequency which provides full HD to any video and image file.

2. Upgradable Storage

RDP ThinkBook 1310-EC1 laptop has 4 GB RAM that is considered good for almost all basic computer work. Along with this amazing device has 32 GB internal storage which can be increased up to 128 GB with MicroSD card and up to 1 TB with HDD/SSD through 2.5 Inch slot.

3. Full-Size Keyboard & Institutive TouchPad

Generally, we see fewer keys in the notebook keyword. But this is not correct while we talk about RDP ThinkBook 1310-EC1. Here we get a fully customized keyword with a responsive intuitive touchpad. You will feel similar to a mobile screen while working on it.

4. Dual HD Speakers

Here you get full HD speakers that give you a different type of experience. You will get awesome sound quality during movies, chatting and video calls.

5. USB 3.0 Connection

Normal laptops come with USB 2.0 connection but RDP ThinkBook comes with USB 3.0 which is 10 times faster than USB 2.0. I highly recommend this laptop.

1.Storage capacity can be increased while required
2.Very lightweight and compact design.
3.Superfast Data transfer with USB 3.0
4.Good Sound and Picture Quality
5.Worth for buying at this price range
1.Screen Size is 11.6 Inch
2.Not recommended for Heavy Gaming

RDB ThinkBook Unboxing Video Review

3. iBall CompBook Excellence-OHD Intel Atom Processor X5 (2 GB/32 GB/Win 10) Z8350 Laptop, (29.46cm, Chocolate Brown)

iBall CompBook is a very light-weight and compact CompBook with 11.6 inches screen size. You will get 2 GB RAM and 32 GB upgradable storage capacity. Intel atom processor ensures your multitasking performance and smooth operation capacity.

Atom X5 processor works great with Windows 10 operating system. Also, You can do your business work like web browsing, multiple web searches, excel, Microsoft office and watch unlimited movies.

ProcessorIntel Atom Processor X5
Screen11.6 Inches
OSWindow 1o
Weight399 Grams
ColourChocolate Brown
Display TechnologyLED
Screen Resolution1366X768
Warranty1 Year

Special Features & Buyers Guide

1. RAM & Storage Capacity

iBall CompBook laptop is configured with 2 GB RAM and 32 GB HDD storage capacity. And 32 GB storage can be increased up to 64 GB with the help of microSD and this storage can be increased up to 1 GB with 2.5″ SSD/HDD slot.

2. Performance

This awesome laptop is configured with Intel Atom Processor X5. Which has a great speed up to 1.83 GHz. Also, it is good for performing our multi-task works.

3. HD Screen

iBall CompBook Laptop is designed with an 11.6-inch full HD screen with 1366X768 resolution. Also, you will get a good picture quality. You can play HD video easily.

4. Touchpad With Multi-Touch Functionality

Multi-Touch Functionality touchpad is considered best for advance features. So, you can control multiple complicated features with single-touch control.

5. 10,000 mAH Battery

Friends I have an android phone with a 6-inch screen size. And it has a Battery of 4500 mAH. And I play YouTube Videos 6-8 hours as I have the same creator work. And taking online classes from different resources.

Likewise, the screen size of this device is 11.6 Inch with 10000 mAH battery. That meany you will get an awesome output of 10 hours of battery life.

1.Storage capacity is upgradable and could be increased easily.
2.LED HD Screen with good picture quality.
3.Very long and reliable battery life.
4.Multifunctional TouchPad
5.Cost-effective product.
6.Convenient Device For Table
1.It is not good for heavy applications.
2.You can not play heavy games.
3.It is perfect only for basic computer requirements.

4. RDP ThinBook 1450-ECH 14.1-inch Laptop

The RDP ThinBook is a very good laptop in which you get 2GB of RAM and 32GB built-in and 500 GB HDD of storage capacity.

Which you can increase if needed in the future. In this laptop, we can install a hard disk with our own hands.

This laptop can be bought in two price ranges of 13000 15000. In which you will see some differences of internal features, 500GB hard disk extras are available for ₹ 15000.

Intel X5 processor has been used in this laptop. Which gives an amazing experience with the original window ten. I will recommend you to buy RDP ThinBook 1450-ECH 14.1-inch Laptop.

Technical Detail

Brand RDP
Screen Size14.1-inch
ProcessorIntel Quad-Core x5-Z8350 Processor
Hard Disk32GB HDD
Operating SystemWindows 10
GraphicsIntel HD Graphics 400
Warranty1 Year On-Site

Special Features & Buyers Guide

1. Intel X5 8350 Processor

There is a lot of credibilities shown in the computer world about Intel. If there is Intel inside the laptop then you do not have to worry from outside. However, here you get an Intel X5 8350 processor whose quad-core speed is 1 point statement GHz. It is a great laptop with 2GB RAM and windows 10 configuration, which will give you great speed.

2. Self Attached HDD/SSD Space

This laptop comes with 32GB inbuilt storage which is similar to other laptops. But the special thing here is that you do not need to visit any service center to increase your internal storage. You can buy an external hard disk and install it manually, which will increase the storage capacity of your laptop.

3. Long Battery Life 10000mAH

This laptop has a gigantic battery of 10000mh installed which gives a tremendous power backup of about 10 to 12 hours.

4. I/O ports
  1. microSD Card Slot
  2. Power In
  3. USB 2.0
  4. 4 Audio Out
  5. USB 3.0
  6. Mini HDMI
  7. Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
  8. Bluetooth 4.0
5. Additional Features

With this laptop, you get a full-size keyboard and all other necessary inbuilt devices. It has a good quality mic webcam and dual speakers.

1.Self HDD/SSD installation Facility
2.Amazing Input/Output system
3.Perfect and compact design.
4.Build quality is good.
5.Value for money
1.Even after searching a lot, I have not found any shortage.
2.Not recommended for CAD/CAM

5. Champion Champ Air C114

It is a very cheap, good and durable laptop. In this laptop, you get 2GB RAM and 32GB storage capacity with a 14-inch screen.

The laptop’s 32GB storage can be expanded up to 64GB with a micro SD slot and storage can be increased to 1 terabyte via an external hard disk.

Champion Champ c114 is a laptop in which you can do all kinds of educational work and basic computer work with ease.

ModelChamp Air C114
ProcessorIntel Atom X5 Z8350
Hard Disk32 GB
Screen 14.1 Inch
OSWindow 10
Weight1.36 Kg
Warranty1 Year

Special Features & Buyers Guide

If you are your student and are thinking of buying a laptop, then it is very right for you to get big the screen size. In this laptop, you get a 14-inch screen size which is good for making any type of Excel seat and powerpoint presentation.

1. Beautiful Design And Upgradable Storage

The design of this laptop is very attractive, here you get to see good build quality. In Champion Champ c114 you get 32GB of internal storage which you can increase up to 1TB in the future.

2. Long Battery Life

With this laptop, you get a battery of 10000 Amh whose power backup is around 10 hours. Once you charge this laptop, you can use it for a long time.

1.Upgradable storage support up to 1 TB HDD/SSD.
2.Value for money
3.Best for education purpose
4.Very lightweight
5.Compact design
1.Not suitable for heavy gaming & Programming

6. Zentality AIR C114 14.1 Inch Laptop

In this laptop, you get 2GB of RAM as well as 32GB SSD which makes the performance of this laptop superfast.

Here you get the window ten operating systems and the screen size is 14 inches which are quite good.

Attractive design and white color make this laptop perfect.

Zentality AIR C114 14.1 Inch Best Laptop Under 15000
Zentality AIR C114 14.1 Inch Laptop Image source:

Here you get 1366X768 Screen resolution and Intel Cherry Quad-Core processor. I am in love with the features of this laptop.

Screen Size14.1 Inch
ProcessorIntel Cherry Quad Core
Hard Disk32 GB SSD
OSWindows 10
Weight2.98 Kg
Warranty1 Year

Amazing Features And Buying Guide
1. IPS Screen Technology

The screen size of this laptop is 14 inches, which is equipped with IPS (In-Plane Screen) technology. Here you get a screen reservation of 1366X768 pixels.

2. SSD Performance

In this device, you get 32GB solid-state drive along with 2GB of RAM. Also, the performance of a solid-state drive is 10 times faster in the HDD’s comparison.

3. Windows 10

In this laptop, you will get a window ten install which makes your work much easier. When you buy this laptop, you get a ready-to-use device. Which in itself is a very good thing.

4. Upgradable Storage

You can increase the 32GB of storage as per your requirement if needed.

1.Superfast performance with SSD
2.Superfast Booting Performance
3.Long Battery Life
4.Amazing Build Quality
5.Value for Money Product
1.All Negligible with superb performance
2.Not Known in this price range

7. RDP ThinBook 1450-EC2 14.10-inch Laptop

Friends RDP ThinBook 1450-EC2 is a good laptop with 2 GB RAM, 32 GB HDD, Window 10, Intel Quad-Core X5 Z8350 processor, Integrated Graphics.

It is a very light and slim laptop with 8 to 10 hours of battery backup. Which is supposed to be very good indeed.

Here you also get an integrated graphics card, which is very useful for good video quality and photo editing. The weight of this laptop is only 1.35 kg and the design is also very attractive.

I have done a lot of research about this laptop and listed all its technical details below. Before buying this laptop, read all these details carefully and if there is any doubt, you can ask us.

Model Number1450-EC2
ProcessorIntel Quad-Core x5-Z8350 Processor
Storage32GB HDD
OSWindows 10
Graphics Integrated Graphics
Weight1.35 Kg
Warranty1 Year
1.Lightweight and easy to carry Laptop.
2.Good Battery backup
3.Good for basic computer work.
4.Perfect Picture Quality
5.Value for money
1.Entry-level laptop.
2.Don’t expect high from this device.

8. Best Laptops Under 15000 In India Video Reviews

Friends today is the era of YouTube and video reviews. So I am compiling the list of famous YouTubers with top and genuine video reviews about the best laptops under 15000 in India.

Video Reviews From Trakin Tech YouTube Channel

Video Review From Web Tech YouTube Channel

This video can also help you to select best laptop under 15000 in India.

In this video, all top laptops are included under 15000 rupees available in the Indian market. This video of Top 5 Best laptops under 15000 is converted into text with some additional laptops worth to buy. To find the best laptops under 15000 in India with video.

9. Things Kept In Mind While Making Above Best Laptops Under 15000 List

  1. Upgradable RAM is preferred compared to fixed RAM as updated software need more working space.
  2. Also, SSD Hard Disk is preferred compared to Normal HDD.
  3. More Upgradable capacity HHD is preferred compared to less upgradeable.
  4. Full-screen size is our priority while making this list as it is considered good for all educational and business purposes.
  5. Windows 10 latest operating system is preferred compared to DOS and other lower OS.
  6. Best build quality laptops are kept on top position in this post.
  7. Laptops with more reviews and ratings on Amazon and Flipkart kept on top position in this list.
  8. Availability in both online and offline places is kept for making this list. But we are sorry for some out of stock items.
  9. Full HD and IPS technology display is also our first priority for selecting the best laptop.
  10. RAM is almost the same so we filter these laptops on the basis of available processor and max. speed. So that you can go with a smooth working environment.

10. Buyers Guide For Best Laptops Under 15000 in India

  1. The features of laptops and all electronic devices are updated from time to time, that’s why we should choose only upgradable RAM.
  2. At ₹ 15000 we get an entry-level laptop but after some time we need to store more data. That is why our laptop should have a micro SD slot and upgradeable HDD option to increase the storage capacity.
  3. When buying a laptop, it is very important to take care of our features, if we work on a small screen, then our eyes will be stressed.
  4. Also, When the laptop screen is small, we have the inconvenience of working on software like Excel and PowerPoint. So while buying a laptop, it should be kept in mind that the screen of the laptop should be full size.
  5. When we work on a laptop, we have to open a lot of files at once. Likewise, while buying a laptop we need to take care of the processor.
  6. The processor in the laptop should be from a branded company such as Intel and along with that we should also check the maximum speed and frequency of the processor.
  7. In order to have good picture quality and photo editing, it is very important to have a graphics card on our laptop. Whenever we buy a laptop, we should take a laptop with a graphics card from a branded company.
  8. At the price of rupees, we get a basic laptop which is difficult to have a separate graphics card, so we should buy a laptop with an integrated graphics card of good company.

Top 3 Cheapest & Best Laptops Under 15000 in India With Video Reviews

Video Reviews From Tech Vani YouTube Channel

This is a good channel with genuine video reviews about laptops and all other devices.

In this video Top, 3 laptops are covered with online and offline availability. But some laptops are not available within 15000 range. maybe price are surging. But remaining branded laptops are awesome in this video you can check them out with the below-given link.