Today in this article we will see MIC Full Form in different respects like Geology, Medical, Mobile, Computer, Biology with its basic information.

MIC Full Form in Computer

The microphone is colloquially known as the mic. It is an electronic device. The main function of this device is to convert sound into electrical signals.

MIC full form in Computer, mobile, and, electronics has the same meaning and application.

Also, always we will use mic full form in Computer, mobile, and, electronics for the sound signals to electronic signals conversions.

MIC Application

The mic is used in mobile phones, television, public conference, video streaming, and sound recording devices. Recently we can see that each and every field is using a microphone.

Types of Microphones

There are several types of microphones used in multiple places. And according to their working system, these mics are divided into the following parts.

  1. Dynamic Microphone
  2. Condenser Microphone
  3. Diaphram
  4. Piezoelectric Microphone

The main working function of these microphones are the same but the only difference is their working system.

I think each and everything about the full form of the mic is clear for you. If you have any doubts and want to confirm anything regarding Mic Full-Form then jus leaves us a comment and we will solve this issue.

MIC Gas Full Form

The full form of MIC Gas is Methyl IsoCynide gas. It is a very toxic gas that is used to make pesticides. This pesticide protects crops from insects.

This gas has the same effects as tear gas and other toxic smoke. It can cause serious health impacts on humans.

Sometimes it is also used to make rubber. But we can’t ignore its harmful toxic properties.

MIC Full Form In Medical

The complete list for the Full Form of MIC in the medical industry is as follow:

  • Major Immunogene Complex
  • Metal-Induced Crystallization,
  • Maximal Information Coefficient
  • Metastable Intermolecular Composite
  • Medical Image Computing
  • Microbially-Induced Corrosion
  • Morbus Ischaemic Cordis
  • Minimum Inhibitory Concentration

MIC Full Form In Geography

There are two known full forms of MIC in geography terms.

  • Miami Intermodal Center
  • Microscopium

The first one Miami Intermodal Center is a mega transportation hub. This mega hub is situated in Miami Florida United States. MIC transportation hub provides trains and bus facilities for traveling to different destinations.

MIC Full Form In Environment

Within this category, all the full forms come at that time which is connected to the environmental activity. As:

Metal Improvement Company

MIC Full-Form Politics

Now in this section, we will see all MIC full form related to the Politics and government authorities. Mic full form in politics is very common to all people.

It can be seen in all election rally like BJP, INC, RJD, BSP, etc.

MIC full form In Politics
Mic Full Form
  • Malaysian Indian Congress
  • Military-industrial complex,
  • Military Intelligence Corps
  • Military Intelligence Corps
  • Ministry of Information and Communication
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
  • Minnesota International Center

Generally, MIC Full Form in politics is the Malaysian Indian Congress. And rest is related to government terms. This information related to MIC full form in politics and government can be access from Wikipedia.

MIC Full Form In Biology And Microbiology

Inside this part, we will include all those full forms which are related to biology and microbiology.

They are used by MBBS and other medical students.

MIC Full Form
MIC Full Form
  • Major immunogene complex
  • Morbus Ischaemic Cordis
  • Minimum inhibitory concentration
  • Maximal information coefficient
  • Methyl isocyanate
  • Medical image computing
  • Microbial corrosion
  • Metal-induced crystallization
  • Metastable intermolecular composite

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