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What Is The Full Form of MB

The full form of MB is MegaByte. MegaByte is an electronic data measuring unit. Let’s understand it with proper examples.

When we buy vegetables from the market, we weigh it in kilograms and we ask the vegetable seller to give us 2 kg of potatoes.

Also, in the same way, when we go to the petrol pump, we say to give us 1 or 2-liter petrol.

Because kg is the measuring unit of weight and liter is the measuring unit of liquid. The same thing happens with all other existing substance in our world.

Similarly when we measure electronic data like songs, video, audio, internet, images, etc. everything is measured in MB. Now you may say that there are so many other units like KB, GB, TB, etc. What are these units?

What is KB, MB, GB, TB, Bit?

Friends, some standard has been set to measure everything present in this universe. We can use them as per our convenience in a simple and difficult way.

When we measure the length and width of a room in our house, we measure it in square feet. And when we measure the distance between two houses, we measure it by the meter. And when we measure the distance between two big villages or cities, we use kilometers.

In the same way, we use KB MB GB and TB to measure different storage capacities. You must have seen that when we send a photo to someone on WhatsApp, we see its size in kb.

But when we send a video clip of a song to our friends, its size is visible to us in MB. Hence, MB KB, TB, GB all are different forms of storage measuring units that can be converted into each other.


1 MB is equal to 1024 KB and 1000000 Bytes. The full form of KB is Kilobytes.


1MB = 1024KB
1MB = 10,00,000Bytes

1GB to MB [ MB to GB Converter ]

1 GB to MB or MB to GB converter are used to calculate the date. Let’s suppose our memory card has 1GB storage then how many photos we can store in that Memory card.

Suppose if the size of each photo is approx 1MB then 1024 photos can be stored in that memory card. Because 1GB is equal to 1024MB.

MB GB Conversion Table

Friends when we do 1GB internet data recharge in our mobile then we get 1024MB data. This is calculated in binary number system.

Binary Number System Conversion Table:

1GB (Gigabyte)1024MB
1 TB (TeraByte)1024GB
1 PB (Peta Byte)1024TB
1 EB (EXA Byte)1024PB
1 ZB (Zetta Byte)1024EB
1 Yotta Byte1024ZB

Decimal Number System Table:

1 KB1000 byte
1 MB1000KB

MB Ka Full Form

MB ka full form is Megabyte in terms of electronic data storage. But there are so many other hardware parts that have different full names and uses.

MB Full Form In Computer

MB=MegaByte (Computer Storage)
MB=MotherBoard (MotherBoard is computer hardware.)

GB MB KB Full Form

GB Full Name is Gigabyte
MB Meaning is Megabyte
KB Meaning is KiloByte

MB Full Form In Bank

MB full form in the bank statement is mobile banking. When we check our bank statement we found some amount is debited through MB.

It is referred to as Mobile Banking because sometimes we pay bills and recharges with mobile banking.

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