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LCD Full Form What Is The Full Form of LCD?



LCD Full Form

LCD Full Form / Full Form of LCD

LCD’s full form is Liquid Crystal Display. LCD offers us a Flat Panel Display Technology. In this technology, we didn’t require any Cathode rays tube. CRT was used in old-age computers and television.

What Is The Full Form Of LCD?

The full form of LCD is Liquid Crystal Display. LCD display technology is everywhere in modern Laptop Monitors and TVs for real-life visual effects.

Use of LCD

At present, LCD technology is used in most of the devices. We can see the LCD screen used in our daily life such as watch television laptop calculator mobile.

Types of LCD

LCDs are mainly of two types.

  1. [FED] Field-Effect Display
  2. [DSD] Dynamic Scattering Display

1. FED Full Form

The full form of FED is Field-Effect Display.

In this type of display, by applying voltage an electric field is generated in which electrons move and we see the picture.

Its feeling is very amazing. We see such examples in our daily lives everyday.

2. DSD Full Form

The full form of DSD is Dynamic Scattering Display.

In this type of display, the glass sheet is added in parallel with each other and some coating is done inside it. Manufacturing companies placed two paralleled mirrors of glass to form this DSD.

This materis has conductor properties and when we apply voltage electrons start moving. And we see the moving pictures on the screen.

Advantages Over CRT

I hope you have understood all the full forms we have mentioned. LCD has full form liquid crystal display. This is a modern technology in which we do not require any cathode res tube.

The thickness of the LCD is very low, you can put it comfortably on the wall of your house.

LCDs are becoming very popular at the present time due to lighter weight and less space to install.

The picture quality of LCD is very good and its maintenance is very low. In today’s time, we can see LCD everywhere whether it is home or office.


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