Antonyms List A to Z

Words with antonyms are common opposite words. These words indicate the opposite meaning of any given word. For Example, Good is the common opposite word of Bad.

Words Antonyms With A

Words: Antonyms

Abhor: Like, Love
Ability: Inability
Above: Below
Absence: Presence
Accept: Refuse, Deny
Accurate: Inaccurate
Active: Inactive
Admit: Deny
Agree: Disagree
Alive: Dead
Ample: Meagre

Words: Antonyms

Ancient: Modern
Appear: Disappear
Arm: Disarm
Armament: Disarmament
Arrival: Departure
Arrive: Depart
Ascent: Descent
Attack: Defence
Attack: Defend
Awful: Beautiful
Aware: Unaware

Words Antonyms With B

Barren: Fertile
Barbaric: Civil
Begin: End
Benefit: Loss
Belief: Disbelief
Blame: Praise
Bold: Timid
Broad: Narrow
Boon: Curse

Better: Worse
Beginning: End
Believe: Disbelieve
Beautiful: Ugly
Bind: Loosen
Blunt: Sharp
Brave: Coward
Bright: Dull
Busy: Idle

Words Antonyms With C

Care: Neglect
Cautious: Reckless
Certain: Uncertain
Cheerful: Gloomy
Civilized: Wild
Clean: Dirty
Close: Far
Cold: Hot
Complicated: Simple
Conceal: Reveal
Conclude: Begin
Concord: Discord

Confess: Deny
Confidence: Doubt
Conquer: Surrender
Consent: Dissent
Construct: Destroy
Continue: Discontinue
Converge: Diverge
Courageous: Timid
Cowardice: Bravery
Creation: Destruction
Cruel: Kind

Words Antonyms With D

Danger: Safety
Darkness: Light
Dead: Alive
Death: Birth
Deep: Shallow
Defeat: Victory
Defect: Quality
Defence: Offence
Deficit: Surplus
Definite: Indefinite

Demand: Supply
Deny: Accept
Deposit: Withdraw
Desolate: Inhabited
Difficult: Easy
Diligent: Idle
Diminish: Increase
Disclose: Close
Distress: Comfort
Diverge: Converge

Docile: Stubborn
Domestic: Wild
Dull: Bright
Dwarf: Giant
Dynamic: Static

Words Antonyms With E

Economical: Extravagant
Encourage: Discourage
Entrance: Exit
Earn: Spend
Eligible: Ineligible
Early: Late
Expressed. Unexpressed
Endless: Finite
Enjoy: Suffer
Expedite: Delay
Enjoyment: Suffering
Enthusiasm: Indifference
Ease: Trouble
Empty: Full
Extend: Limit
Exterior: Interior

Words Antonyms With F

Facility: Difficulty
Fact: Fiction
Fade: Bloom
Failure: Success
Faithful: Unfaithful
Faithfulness: Treachery
False: True.
Falsehood: Truthfulness
Fame: Obscurity
Famous: Notorious

Fat: Lean
Fear: Courage
Fiery: Snowy
Final: Initial
Fine: Coarse
Fine: Reward
Firm: Infirm
Flexible: Rigid
Fold: Unfold
Foolish: Wise

Fortunate: Unfortunate
Fortune: Misfortune
Freedom: Slavery
Fresh: Stale
Friend: Enemy
Front: Back
Frown: Smile
Full: Empty

Words Antonyms With G

Gain: Loss
Gentle: Rude
Genuine: Spurious
Good: Bad, evil
Grand: Ordinary
Grant: Reject
Grateful: Ungrateful
Guest: Host
Guide: Misguide
Guilty: Innocent

Words Antonyms With H

Honest: Dishonest
Honour: Dishonour
Hope: Despair
Happiness: Unhappiness
High: Low
Hopeful: Hopeless
Humble: Proud
Heaven: Hell
Handsome: Ugly
Happy: Unhappy
Hard: Easy
Haste: Delay
Head: Foot
Hero: Villain

Common Opposite Words With I

Import: Export
Include: Exclude
Innocent: Guilty
Initial: Final
Increase: Exterior
Interior: Exterior

Words Antonyms With J

Joy: Sorrow
Junior: Senior

Words Antonyms With K

Keen: Indifferent
Kill: Save
Kind: Cruel
Knowledge: Ignorance

Common Opposite Words With L

Laborious: Lazy
Legal: Illegal
Legible: Illegible
Lie: Truth
Like: Dislike
Limited: Unlimited
Literate: Illiterate
Little: Much
Lock: Unlock
Loose: Tight
Lovely: Hideous

Words Antonyms With M

Majority: Minority
Make: Mar
Material: Spiritual
Maximum: Minimum
Merit: Demerit
Miser: Spendthrift
Miserable: Happy
Mortal: Immortal
Mount: Dismount
Mourn: Rejoice

Words Antonyms With N

Natural: Artificial
Noble: Mean
Noise: Silence
Notorious: Famous
Novel: Old
Numerous: Few

Common Opposite Words With O

Obey: Disobey
Offensive: Defensive
Optimist: Pessimist
Optimistic: Pessimistic
Oral: Written
Order: Confusion

Words Antonyms With P

Pain: Pleasure
Particular: General
Peace: War
Perfect: Imperfect
Permanent: Temporary
Persuade: Dissuade
Pious: Impious
Please: Displease
Plenty: Scarce
Plenty: Scarcity
Poverty: Affluence
Praise: Blame
Precious: Worthless
Presence: Absence
Present: Absent
Pride: Humility
Profit: Loss
Progressive: Orthodox
Prohibit: Permit
Prosperity: Adversity
Proud: Humble
Punish: Reward
Punishment: Reward
Prefix: Suffix

Common Opposite With Q

Question: Answer
Quick: Slow
Quiet: Noise
Quit: Occupy

Common Opposite Words With Q

Raw: Ripe
Real: Unreal
Recognise: Ignore
Recover: Lose
Reduce: Increase
Reject: Accept
Relief: Trouble
Religious: Secular
Remember: Forget
Retire: Advance
Reveal: Conceal
Rich: Poor
Ripe: Unripe
Rough: Smooth
Rude: Gentle

Common Opposite With S

Safe: Unsafe
Secret: Open
Serious: Light
Servant: Master
Sharp: Blunt
Simple: Complex
Sincere: Insincere
Slow: Fast
Smile: Frown
Smooth: Rough
Soft: Hard
Solid: Liquid
Strange: Familiar
Strength: Weakness
Strong: Weak
Superior: Inferior
Superiority: Inferiority
Sweet: Sour

Common Opposite Words With Q

Thick: Thin
Tie: Unit
Timid: Bold
Tragedy: Comedy
Transparent: Opaque
Truth: Falsehood

Common Opposite With U

Ugly: Beautiful
Unity: Diversity
Universal: Particular
Uphold: Withhold

Common Opposite With V

Vague: Definite
Verify: Falsify
Victory: Defeat
Violent: Peaceful
Virtue: Vice
Voluntary: Compulsory

Common Opposite With W

Weak: Strong
Wild: Tame
Wise: Foolish
Written: Verbal

Words Antonyms With Z

Zeal: Indifference
Zigzag: Straight

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