Synonyms Words are the words which have the same meaning. But as per their application user understanding is quite different. Similar words are used to represent sentences effectively.

Synonyms Words are very useful for different competitive exam like SSC, Bank, Railway, etc. Some examples are given below:

1. Abandon:

Synonyms: Give Up, Abdicate, Forsake, Quit

2. Abduct:

Synonyms: Kidnap, running away.

3. Abhor:

Synonyms: Hate, Loathe, Detest, Dislike, Despise.

4. Abide:

Synonyms: Dwell Wait, Live, Inhabit, Stay.

5. Absurd:

Synonyms: Funny, Impossible, stupid, Senseless.

6. Accept:

Synonyms: Agree, Assent, Receive.

7. Adept:

Synonyms: Skilful, Dexterous, Apt, Expert.

8. Admit:

Synonyms: Agree, Confess.

9. Advantage:

Synonyms: Profit, Gain, Benefit, Utility, Help.

10. Aggression:

Synonyms: Attack, Invasion, Assault, Onslaught.

Synonyms Words List With A

Abandon: Give Up, Abdicate, Forsake, Quit
Abduct: Kidnap, running away.
Abhor: Hate, Loathe, Detest, Dislike, Despise.
Abide: Dwell Wait, Live, Inhabit, Stay.
Absurd: Funny, Impossible, stupid, Senseless.
Accept: Agree, Assent, Receive.
Adept: Skilful, Dexterous, Apt, Expert.
Admit: Agree, Confess.
Advantage: Profit, Gain, Benefit, Utility, Help.
Aggression: Attack, Invasion, Assault, Onslaught.
Aid: Help, Support, Relief, Assistance.
Alarm: Danger, Terror, Fright, Fear, Panic, Dread.
Allow: Permit, Assent, Accord, Empower.
Alter: Change, Transform, Vary, Modify.
Apology: Excuse, Regret, Pardon, Plea.
Arrogance: Pride, Haughtiness, Insolence.
Ask: Inquire,Enquire, Beg, Crave, Entreat, Demand.
Attain: Win, Gain, Achieve, Succeed.

Synonyms Words List With B

Bane: Curse, Mischief, Harm, Injury.
Battle: War,Fight, Encounter,Conflict,Combat.
Bear: Tolerate, Endure, Suffer, Sustain.
Beautiful: Handsome, Pretty, Charming, Lovely, Good looking.
Belief: Faith, Trust, Confidence.
Benefit: Gain, Profit, Good, Advantage.
Big: Vast, Huge, Immense, Enormous, Bulky, Large.
Bold: Brave, Fearless, Valiant, Courageous.
Brave: Bold, Fearless, Valiant, Courageous.
Brief: Short, Concise, Terse, Condensed, Compact.
Build: Make, Construct, Erect, Raise.
Busy: Employed, Engaged, Occupied, Engrossed.

Synonyms Words List With C

Candid: Frank, Outspoken, Blunt, Straight Forward.
Capture: Seize, Apprehend, Arrest, Trap, Grasp, Snare.
Champion: Supporter, Defender, Protector.
Chaste: Clean, Pure, Undefiled, Virtuous.
Commend: Praise, Admire, Applaud, Approve.
Conceal Hide, Veil, Shroud, Disguise, Cover.
Concern: Anxiety, Worry, Eagerness.
Confess: Admit, Own, Acknowledge, Accept.
Conflict: Fight, Strife, Clash, Collision, Contest, Combat.
Conquer: Win, Triumph, Vanquish, Overcome, Subdue.
Considerate: Kind, Humane, Sympathetic, Merciful.
Consolation: Solace, Relief, Comfort.
Contain: Hold, Include, Receive, Comprise, Consist.
Contribute: Give, Help, Assist, Subscribe, Share, Supply.
Convict: Captive, Prisoner, Criminal.
Corrupt: Pervert, Dishonest, Demoralised.
Courage: Boldness, Valour, Bravery, Gallantry.
Cruel: Merciless, Tyrant, Unkind, Unjust.
Cultivate: Grow, Develop, Farm, Produce.

Synonyms Words List With D

Dead: Lifeless, Obsolete, Extinct, Deceased.
Decide: Determine, Settle, Fix, Finalise.
Deed: Work, Act, Action, Achievement, Exploit.
Defer: Postpone, Suspend, Delay, Stay.
Dejection: Sorrow, Grief, Disappointment, Despondency.
Delay: Postpone, Put off, Defer, Prolong, Hinder.
Deliberate: Cool, Thoughtful, Intentional, Careful.
Delightful: Pleasing, Charming, Enjoyable, Merry.
Deliver: Give, Hand over, Free, Rescue, Liberate, Save.
Demolish: Destroy, Raze, Wreck, Wipeout, Ruin.
Deny: Refuse, Reject, Oppose, Disown, Contradict.
Depict: Show, Portray, Exhibit, Describe.
Despise: Hate, Dislike, Scorn, Disdain, Detest.
Destination: Goal, End, Target, Aim, Objective.
Destroy: Ruin, Raze,Demolish, Devastate, And.

Determination: Will, Decision, Resolution.
Devastate: Destroy, Ruin, Ravage, Pillage, Wipe out.
Develop: Grow, Cultivate, Evolve, Produce, Extend.
Devotee: Disciple, Votary, Worshipper, Enthusiast.
Dexterous: Clever, Adept, Deft, Skilful, Artful.
Disaster: Misfortune, Calamity, Tragedy, Mishap, Harm.
Discard: Reject, Abandon, Eliminate, Outs, Discharge.
Discord: Strfe, Contention, Disagreement, Clash.
Discover: Find, Reveal, Disclose, Discern, Invent.
Disgrace: Insult, Dishonour, Humiliation, Shame.
Display: Show, Manifest, Exhibit, Open, Spread.
Dispute: Quarrel, Strife, Fight, Contention, Controversy.
Distress: Trouble, Grief, Anxiety, Discomfort.
Distribute: Divide, Classify, Scatter, Share, Dispose.
Diversity: Difference, Variety, Variation, Dissimilarity.
Divine: Holy, Superhuman, Godlike, Heavenly.
Docile: Gently, Humble, Submissive, Meek.
Dreadful: Fearful, Awful, Horrible, Dire, Panic.
Dull: Boring, Uninteresting, Stupid.

Synonyms Words List With E

Earnest: Serious, Solemn, Determined.
Effort: Attempt, Venture, Endeavour, Exertion.
Emerge: Arise, Come, Forth, Appear, Issue.
Encourage: Cheer, Incite, Urge, Inspire, Animate.
Endeavour: Attempt, Strive, Try, Exert.
Endure: Bear, Suffer, Tolerate, Undergo, Sustain.
Enough: Ample, Sufficient, Plenty, Copious, Adequate.
Entreat: Request, Implore, Solicit, plead, beg, Crave.
Envious: Jealous, Suspicious, Odious.
Eradicate: Uproot, Abolish, Destroy, Root out.
Erect: Build, Construct, Raise, Set-up.
Error: Mistake, Blunder, Fault, Delusion.
Esteem: Honour, Respect, Regard, Reverence.
Eternal: Endless, Everlasting, Permanent, Perpetual.

Synonyms Words List With F

Fabricate: Makeup, Invent, Construct, Build.
Famous: Popular, Well known, Renowned, Eminent, Noted.
Fear: Terror, Awe, Dread, Danger.
Fierce: Fearful, Ferocious, Savage, Violent.
Flaw: Defect, Mistake, Error, Fault, Imperfection.
Forbid: Ban, Prohibit, Debar, Restrain, Prevention.

Similar Word With G

Gift: Present, Donation, Bounty, Contribution, Boon.
Gloom: Dejection, Darkness, Obscurity, Sadness
Grief: Sorrow, Distress, Affliction, Wor, Regret, Misery.

Synonyms Words List With H

Hard: Difficult, Firm, Solid, Unyielding.
Hardship: Difficulty, Adversity, Calamity, Affliction.
Haughty: Proud, Arrogant, Overbearing, Highminded.
Haven: Refuge, Shelter, Protection.
Holy: Sacred, Pious, Saintly, Godly, Blessed.
Homage: Respect, Tribute, Reverence.
Horror: Fear, Terror, Dread, Disgust, Aversion.
Humane: Kind, Merciful, Sympathetic, Tender, Soft.

Synonyms Words List With I

Ideal: Model, Paragon, Perfect, Example.
Idle: Inactive, Lazy, Unemployed, Unoccupied.
Illustrious: Famous, Well-Known, Eminent, Renowned.
Immense: Great, Huge, Vast, Tremendous.
Immortal: Deathless, Perpetual, Everlasting, Eternal.
Independence: Freedom, Liberty, Self-Reliance.
Industrious: Active, Hardworking, Diligent.
Infinite: Endless, Limitless, Boundless.

Similar Word With K

Knave: Scoundrel, Villain, Rascal, Rogue, Scamp.

Synonyms Words List With L

Lack: Want, Need, Shortage, Deficiency.
Lazy: Idle, Indolent, Slow, Sluggish.
Liberty: Freedom, Independence, Emancipation.
Lustre: Brightness, Splendour, Gloss, Renown.

Similar Word With M

Magnificent: Grand, Splendid, Noble, Majestic.
Mysterious: Secret, Baffling, Obscure, Hidden.

Synonyms Words List With O

Obligatory: Necessary, Imperative, Compulsory.
Obstacle: Hindrance, Barrier, Obstruction.
Obtain: Get, Attain, Acquire, Procure, Gain, Win.
Obvious: Clear, Evident, Plain, Manifest, Distinct.
Offence: Attack, Wrong, Insult, Misdeed, Harm.
Oppressive: Cruel, Tyrannical, Grinding.
Oust: Remove, Dislodge, Depose, Evict, Dispossess.

Synonyms Words List With P

Pact: Treaty, Bargain, Agreement, Accord.
Pardon: Excuse, Forgive, Overlook, Tolerate.
Peak: Top, Summit, Apex, Pinnacle, Zenith, Climax.
Pensive: Sad, Dejected, Reflective, Gloomy, Thoughtful.
Peril: Danger, Risk, Chance, Hazard, Snare, Venture.
Perpetual: Ceaseless, Everlasting, Eternal.
Pledge: Promise, Vow, Oath, Security.
Polite: Courteous, Refined, Civil, Polished, Well-bred.
Ponder: Think, Reflect, Deliberate, Muse, Consider.
Pray: Beg, Request, Entreat, Implore.
Precision: Costly, Invaluable, Priceless.
Prevent: Check, Restrain, Stop, Hinder, Interrupt.
Proceed: Move, Advance, Progress, Continue.
Protect Defend, Guard, Save, Shield.

Similar Word With Q

Quarrel: Dispute, Controversy, Dispute.
Queer: Strange, Odd, Peculiar, Unusual.
Quiet: Peaceful, Silent, Serene, Still, Placid.
Quit: Leave, Abandon, Forsake, Relinquish.

Synonyms Words List With R

Rage: Anger, Wrath, Fury, Frenzy, Resentment.
Raze: Destroy, Level, Demolish, Ruin, Pull Down.
Raise: Lift, Increase, Incite, Stir up, Elevate.
Rapid: Quick, Swift, Speedy, Fast, Agile.
Reach: Arrive, Attain, Enter, Gain, Land, Join.
Release: Free, Liberate, Relinquish, Discharge.
Reliable: Responsible, Trustworthy, Dependable.
Rescue: Save, Deliver, Set Free, Liberate, Free.
Rude: Uncivil, Insolent, Discourteous.

Synonyms Words List With S

Sacred: Holy, Pious, Sanctified, Hallow, Pure.
Savage: Wild, Rude, Uncivilized, Barbarous.
Scorn: Hate, Dislike, Despise, Disdain.
Seize: Grasp, Arrest, Capture, Confiscate.
Splendid: Glorious, Grand, Majestic, Magnificent.
Spurious: False, Counterfeit, Sham, Deceptive.
Stable: Lasting, Unchanging, Steady, Firm.
Stain: Blot, Spot, Mark, Speck.
Stately: Dignified, Lofty, Majestic, Grand.
Steady: Firm, Enduring, Stable, Lasting.
Steal: Rob, Pilfer, Thieve, Plunder.
Still: Silent, Calm, Motionless, Noiseless.
Stop: Halt, Cease, Hinder, Block, Impede.
Story: Tale, Fiction, Anecdote, Fable, Myth.
Straight: Direct, Right, Erect, Regular, Unbent.
Strife: Dispute, Discord, Quarrel, Rivalry, Struggle.
Strong: Mighty, Powerful, Robust, Sturdy.
Struggle: Fight, Battle, Endeavour, Contest, Strife.
Stupid: Dull, Foolish, Witless, Obtuse.
Summit: Top, Apex, Zenith, Peak.

Synonyms Words List With T

Target: Aim, Mark, Goal, Object.
Tedious: Dull, Boring, Wearisome, Monotonous.
Thick: Heavy, Dense, Stupid, Intimate.
Timid: Shy, Diffident, Cowardly, Afraid, Fearful.
Transient: Temporary, Fleeting, Momentary, Hasty.
Tremendous: Huge, Enormous, Vast, Immense, Gigantic.
Triumph: Victory, Conquest, Mastery, Achievement.
Trust: Belief, Faith, Reliance, Confidence, Credit, Hope.

Similar Word With U

Unique: Matchless, Rare, Uncommon.
Uphold: Support, Approve, Maintain, Champion.
Urgent: Pressing. Compelling, Necessary, Immediate.

Synonyms Words List With V

Vanish: Disappear, Depart, Dissolve, Fade, Evaporate.
Venture: Risk, Dare, Hazard.
Vice: Sin, Wickedness, Corruption, Guilt, Crime, Evil.
Victory: Conquest, Success, Triumph, Mastery, Supremacy.
Vigilant: Wary, Watchful, Cautious, Careful, Alert.
Vigour: Strength, Energy, Animation.

Synonyms Words List With W

Wealth: Money, Riches, Property, Assets, Prosperity.
Wedlock: Matrimony, Marriage, Wedding, Married state.
Wicked: Evil, Bad, Heartless, Cruel, Sinful, Wrong.
Wise: Sagacious, Discerning, Intelligent, Enlightened.
Work: Labour, Task, Toil, Performance, Deed, Action.
Worry: Trouble, Tease, Annoy, Harass, Trouble.
Worth: Value, Estimation, Price, Excellence, Virtue.
Wrong: False, Incorrect, Wicked, Evil, Sinful.
Wrong: Evil, Injury, Vice, Sin, Wickedness.

Similar Word With Y

Yield: Produce, Give, Surrender, Bestow, Confer.

Synonyms Words List With Z

Zeal: Passion, Eagerness, Enthusiasm.
Zenith: Summit, Top, Apex, Climax, Peak.


Summit, Top, Apex, Climax, Peak.

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