Dear students, I am providing One Word Substitutions list for different competitive exams like SSC, Bank, Railway, UPSC, etc. These days Competitive exams are becoming more complicated as we think.

One Word Substitutions is commonly asked in all SSC, UPSC, Railway, and Banking exams. Here is the complete 248 words list that are asked in different exams over time.

I hope this will be helpful for you to score some extra marks.

One Word Substitutions

One word Substitutions is an art of replacing a whole sentence with just a single word. One should be very strong in vocabulary for this exercise.

I am giving a complete list from A to Z with complete sentences. Let’s see:

1. Amphibian:

An animal that can live both on land and water.

2. Audience:

An assembly of listeners.

3. Ambassador:

An officer of high rank, representing the interests of his own country, in another country.

4. Anonymous:

Not bearing the name of the writer.

5. Alien:

A person residing in a country of which he is not a citizen.

6. Aristocracy:

A government by nobles.

7. Affidavit:

A written declaration was sworn before an authority.

8. Album:

A book with blank pages to store up photographs, stamps, pictures, signatures, etc.

9. Amateur:

A person who does something as a pastime, not as a profession.

10. Ambulance:

A special van carrying the wounded and sick.

11. Autobiography:

The life history of a person written by himself.

12. Aviary:

A place of keeping birds.

13. Aviation:

The science or art of flying airplanes.

14. Atheist:

One who denies the existence of God.

15. Abdication:

Voluntary renunciation of one’s throne.

16. Abortive:

Coming to nothing; Arrested in the development.

17. Adaptable:

Able to adapt oneself to circumstances.

18. Aggressor:

One who commits the first act attack o offense.

19. Altruist:

A person who considers the well-being and happiness of others first.

20. Ambidextrous:

Able to do work with the left hand or the right equally well.

21. Ambiguous:

Which can be interpreted in any way.

22. Anarchist:

One who destroys all government, law, and order.

23. Anecdote:

A short amusing story about some real person or event.

24. Anniversary:

Yearly return on the date of an event.

25. Antidote:

Medicine which counteracts the effects of poison.

26. Antiseptic:

The medicine which prevents animal and vegetable substances from decaying or rotting.

27. Appendix:

A supplement added at the end of the book.

28. Aquarium:

A building with artificial ponds or tanks for keeping and showing living fish and water plants.

29. Armory:

Place where ammunitions are kept.

30. Ascetic:

A person who leads a severely simple and disciplined life.

31. Auction:

Public sale at which goods are sold to the persons making the highest bid.

32. Autocracy:

A government whose ruler has unlimited power.

33. Automatic:

Able to act without attention.

34. Autopsy:

Medical examination of a dead body.

One Word Substitutions With B

Bellicose: A person fond of fighting.
Bureaucracy: A government chiefly run by officials.
Blasphemy: An act of speaking against religion.
Biography: Life history of a person written by another.
Bankrupt: A person unable to pay back his debts in full.
Bibliography: List of books in regard to their outward form, authors, subjects etc.
Bibliophile: A love or collector of books.
Bicentennial: Pertaining to two hundred years.
Biennial: Happening once in two years.
Bigamy: The practice of having two wives or husbands at a time.
Bilateral: Affecting two parties.
Bilingual: Speaking two languages.

One Word Substitutions With C

Cemetery: Place for burials, other than a churchyard.
Centenary: A function of the hundredth anniversary.
Cosmopolitan: A person free from national attachments or prejudices.
Crematorium: Place for cremating (burning to ashes) corpses.
Contemporary: Belonging to the same time.
Credulous: A person who readily believes others.
Catalogue: A list of books.
Centennial: O ccurring once in a hundred years.
Cannibal: One who eats human flesh.
Connoisseur. A person with good judgement on matters in which taste is needed.
Contagious: Disease spreading by touch.
Contiguous: Touching or neighbouring.
Credible: That can be believed.
Curfew: The time when persons of a particular locality may not by out of doors.

One Word Substitutions With D

Debtor: One who is in debt to another.
Democracy: Government in which all adult citizens share through their elected representatives.
Detective: Person whose business is to detect criminals.
Dictator: Ruler who has absolute authority.
Diplomat: A person engaged in diplomacy for his country.
Diplomacy: The skill and policy of country’s statesman.
Divorce: Legal ending of a marriage so that husband and wife are free to marry again.
Drawn: Game or battle in which no party wins.
Dynasty: Succession of rulers belonging to one family.

One Word Substitutions With E

Edible: Fit to eat or consume.
Egoist: A selfish person who always thinks of himself.
Emigrant: A person who leaves his own country and settles in another country.
Extempore: Spoken (or done) without previous preparation.
Epilogue: The concluding part of a literary work.
Eatable: Food or other things that may be eaten.
Eccentric: A person whose behavior is peculiar.
Eligible: Suitable to be chosen.
Embezzlement: Use of money in the wrong way for one’s own benefit.
Encyclopedia: A book of information on all fields of knowledge.
Epic: Poetic account of the deeds of one or more great heroes, or a nation’s past history.
Epidemic: Disease widespread among many people in the same place for a time.
Epitaph: Words inscribed on the grave.
Excursion: Short journey made by a number of people together for pleasure.
Export: Sending goods to another country.
Extradition: The act of handing over a fugitive foreign criminal by a government to the proper authorities of his own country when requested to do so.
Extrovert: A person more interested in what goes on around him than in his own thoughts and feelings.
Emissary: A person sent on a mission (usually official).

One Word Substitutions With F

Fatal: The thing which may cause death.
Fatalist: One who believes in fate.
Fastidious: One who is overnice in one’s taste or one who is hard to please.
Fragile: That can be easily broken.
Fallible: Liable to err or make mistakes.
Fanatic: Person filled with excessive enthusiasm.
Feminist: Supporter of the movement for recognition of the claim of women for rights.
Foster-child: Child brought up by a person other than parents.
Fratricide: Wilful killing of one’s brother or sister.

One Word Substitutions With G

Genocide: Extermination of a race by mass murder.
Geology: Science of the earth’s history as shown by its crust, rocks etc.
Glossary: List and explanations of special words.
Gregarious: Living in groups or societies.
Gymnasium: A room or hall with apparatus for physical training.
Hypocrite: One who pretends to be what he is not.
Homicide: killing of a human being by another man.
Honorary: Office without pay or emolument.
Heterogeneous: Things which contain elements of opposite nature.
Homogeneous: Things which contain elements of the same nature.
Hallucination: A perception without objective reality.
Herbivorous: An animal or person that only eats herbs.
Hereditary: Passed on from one generation to the following generations.
Heretic: A person who holds an unorthodox opinion.
Horizon: The line at which the earth or sea and the sky seem to meet.
Humanitarian: Person who works for the welfare of all human beings.
Hygienist: person who knows rules of healthy living.

One Word Substitutions With I

Inflammable: Things that can easily catch fire.
Insolvent: One who cannot pay his debt.
Inaudible: Incapable of being heard.
Invincible: Too strong to be overcome or defeated.
Illegible: Incapable of being read.
Inaccessible: Which cannot be reached.
Incredible: W hich is difficult to believe.
Indefatigable: Not easily tired.
Inevitable: That cannot be a voided.
Idolatory: The worship of idols or images.
Inimitable: Not capable of being imitated.
Illiterate: A person who cannot read or write.
Infanticide: Killing of an infant soon after birth especially with mother’s consent.
Incorrigible: that cannot be corrected.
Indelible: Which cannot be effaced.
Infallible: A person who cannot be repaired.
Irreparable: That which cannot be repaired.
Iconoclast: A person who is against idol worship.
Immigrant: A person who come to one country from another in order to settle there.
Import: Bring in goods from a foreign country.
Imposter: A person pretending to be what he is not.
Impracticable: Which cannot be practised.
Impromptu: Something said or done at once without preparation.
Infectious: A disease which spreads by contact.
Inflation: The act of increasing the amount of money in circulation so that prices rise.
Intelligible: Which can be understood.
Introvert: Person who is more interested in his own thoughts and feelings than in things outside himself.
Interlude: Interval between two events or two periods of time of different character.
Invulnerable: Incapable of being wounded.
Irrevocable: A decision upon which one cannot go back.
Lexicographer: Person who compiles a dictionary.
Linguist: One who knows many languages.

One Word Substitutions With M

Matricide: Murder of one’s own mother.
Misanthrope: One who hates mankind.
Monetary: Pertaining to money.
Manuscript: Matter written by hand.
Malleable: A metal which can be moulded into new shape.
Mobocracy: Rule by mob.
Mercenary: A person working only for money or award.
Materialist: Believer in material things; person who ignores religion, music, art etc.
Matrimony: The state of being married.
Maxim: An established principle of practical wisdom.
Meticulous: Paying special attention; one who is very particular about small details.
Migration: Movement from one country to another.
Monarchy: The system of government by a single ruler.
Monogamy: The practice of marrying only one at a time.
Mortuary: A room of building to which dead bodies are taken to be kept until burial.
Martyr: One who dies for a great cause.
Notorious: Widely known for evil deeds.
Nepotism: Undue favour given by a man in high position to relatives.
Narcotic: A medicine that induces sleep.

One Word Substitutions With O

Orphan: A child whose parents are dead.
Orthodox: Holding conventional beliefs specially in matters of religion.
Opaque: That which cannot be seen through.
Optimist: A person who looks at the bright side of things.
Omnipresent: One who is present everywhere.
Omniscient: One who knows everything.
Omnipotent: One who is All powerful.
Obsolete: A word or custom which is no longer in use.
Omnivorous: One who eats all kinds of food.

One Word Substitutions With P

Plutocracy: A government by the rich.
Pantisocracy: A government by all.
Pedantic: A style in which the writer shows off his learning.
Parasite: One who lives on another.
Patricide: Murder of one’s father.
Philanthropist: A lover of mankind.
Pedestrian: One who makes a journey on foot.
Pessimist: A person who looks at the dark side of things.
Posthumous: A child born after the death of father; Occurring after death.
Pacifist: A person who believes in the principle that war should and could be abolished.
Palmistry: Science of telling fortune from the lines on the palm.
Panacea: Remedy for all diseases, troubles.
Patriot: A person who loves and is ready to defend his country.
Pharmacist: Person skilled in preparing medicines.
Pharmacist: Person skilled in preparing medicines.
Pioneer: One of the first persons to go into a country to develop it; first student of a new branch of study.
Polygamy: Practice of having a plurality of wives.
Portable: That can be carried about.
Post-mortem: Medical examination of dead body.
Precedent: Earlier decision taken an as example.
Predecessor: Former holder of any office or position.
Prologue: Introductory part of a poem.
Prostitute: Woman who offers the use of her body for sexual intercourse to anyone who will pay for this.
Pseudonym: An imaginary name assumed by an author.
Psychology: Science of mind.
Quintessence: The essential part.

One Word Substitutions With R

Regicide: Murder of a king.
Reciprocate: Get and give mutually.
Recluse: A person who lives alone.
Ransom: Sum of money paid for making free a captive.
Reble: Person who takes up arms against the established government.
Red-tapism: Excessive use of formalities in public business; too much attention to rules and regulations.
Retrospective: Looking back on past events.

One Word Substitutions With S

Suicide: Murder of oneself.
Sceptic: One who has no faith in religion.
Sadist : A person who gets pleasure by inflicting cruelty on other persons of either sex .
Sanatorium: A hospital for convalescent people.
Seminar: Class of student it a summer school. Studying a problem and meeting for discussion (with a professor).
Sinecure: Position for which one receives credit or payment but which does not entail work or responsibility.
Smuggler: A person who gets goods secretly and illegally into or out of a country.
Soliloquy: Speech in which a character speaks his thoughts on the stage.
Stadium: An enclosed area of land for games with stands for spectators.
Stoic: A person who is indifferent to both pleasure and pain.
Studio: The place where artists work.
Substitute: A person or thing taking the place of another.
Successor: A person that succeeds another.
Superfluous: More than is needed.

One Word Substitutions With T

Teetotaller: One who totally abstains from alcoholic liquor.
Transparent: That which can be seen through.
Transmigration: The passing of soul from one body to other.
Theist: One who believes in the existence of god.
Transitory: Whic lasts for a short time.
Tragedy: A play of a serious kind with a sad ending.
Traiter: The person who betrays his country.
Tyranny: Government run by a dictator.
Twin: one of the two children born of the same mother on the same day.
Truism: A truth which is often repeated.
Unintelligible: Incapable of being understood.
Unanimous: Of one mind or opinion.
Usurer: A person who lends money at a very high rate of interest.
Ultimatum: A final statement of conditions sent to a foreign government.
Umpire: A person chosen to act as a judge in a dispute to see that rules are obeyed in games.
Unbelievable: Difficult to be believed.
Unilateral: Affecting one party only.
Universal: Belonging to all. Affecting all.

One Word Substitutions With V

Veteran: A person with a long experience.
Vegetarian: One who does not eat meat.
Verbose: Using, containing more words than are needed.
Veto: The constitutional right of a sovereign person to reject or forbid.
Vicarious: Done or undergone by one person for another or others.
Voracious: Very hungry or greedy.
Vulnerable: That is liable to be damaged.
Widow: A woman whose husband is dead.
Widower: A man whose wife is dead.
Zoo: A place where birds, animals, etc. are kept for public display.

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