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Socks For Men Jockey Socks Online [Puma & Adidas] On Heavy Discount



Socks For Men

Socks For Men

Hi, guys kindly find the best socks for men from branded companies like Jockey Socks, Puma, Adidas And other brands at affordable prices.

In this article, we will get socks available on amazon below 150 rupees.

Jockey Socks Online

1. Jockey Men’s Cotton Socks With Brand Logo

2. Jockey Men’s Calf Socks (8901326083376_7390-0110-_FREE SIZE_Navy)

3. Adidas Men’s Cotton Athletic Socks (1 Set) (P25306_Black_24 cm Stretch 36 cm)

4. Puma Men’s Cotton Ankle Socks

How Many Socks Should A Man Have For 1 Week?

There are 7 days in 1 week and if you go to the office every day, then you must have at least 7 pairs of socks to use every day.

Even if you run office only 5 days a week, you must still have 7 pairs of socks because sometimes we may have to use them in an emergency.

Why We Need Socks?

Depending on the situation, the requirements of the socks are different. If you go to the office every day, then it is very important for you to wear socks to go to the office because the socks form a layer between your feet and shoes. Due to this layer, your foot does not come in direct contact with shoes and your foot does not have any problem with shoes.

The human body gets sweat and if we do not wear socks in our feet then our sweat will come directly into the contact of the shoe, which ends the life of the shoe and it becomes dirty quickly.

The sweat coming out of our bodies makes our shoes dirty quickly. If we wear socks on our feet, then our sweat is taken away by our socks.

And we can wash our socks easily when there are too many limits to wash shoes.

Socks Benefits

1.Socks Increase Shoes Life by Absorbing the bad order.
2.Easy to clean
3.Low Cost
4.Very Soft
5.Save Foot Harm from Shoes