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Canonical Tags 2021 [ Important For SEO ]

Dear bloggers as you know any blog or website page can be search by multiple URLs. These URLs refer to canonical tags. Just see the below example for proper understanding.

If my domain name is example.com and someone will open this domain then he/she can use multiple URLs for accessing my website like this:


I make my canonical URL to https://www.example.com. Whenever someone will open any keyword or URL then Google or any other browser will redirect the user to my canonical tag.

 canonical tags
canonical URL
canonical Tags
Canonical Tags

What Is Canonical Tag?

A canonical tag is the best URL of any webpage among all available URLs that the browser prefers to serve searches. URLs are created automatically by the page rule and many other URL redirect features.

For bloggers and viewers, it is very simple to understand the primary domain and page URL. But for browsers, it becomes difficult to find the web address.

Hence in 2009, all web browsers like Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft introduce a new canonical tag concept for fetching the content and crawling the best URL.

Let’s understand it by simple and non technical examples:

There are many fruits available in the market but my favourite is apple. Hence my canonical fruit is apple.
There are many brands available for shoes by my favourite is Adidas. Adidas is my Canonical shoes. Because I will prefer to buy Adidas shoes from the store.

How Canonical Tags Affect SEO?

Google and other search engines provides fresh and unique content to its users. Suppose when you will search a topic in search browser and crawler will notice multiple urls are presenting the same content.

Then it will think what content is original and what should be serf to the searchers. Sometimes browser will escape crawling your webpage because it will get confused to find the unique and fresh content.

This will impact your website ranking very badly. And your site will get negative feedback from the web crawlers. So, it is necessary to define the Canonical URL for your site.

How To Optimize Canonical Tags For SEO?

It is very important to properly optimize canonical tags for getting better search results. You can use multiple options as per your CMS or website designing platform.

Canonical tags can be check by finding <link rel=”canonical” href=”https://www.example.com”>

I will share basic information about HTML, and, WordPress websites.

1. How To Add Canonical Tag In HTML

Adding canonical tag in HTML website is very simple. For doing this follow the steps:

Step I. you have to open the source code of your website.

Step II. Now you have to add a link in your head section where rel=canonical and href = your main URL.

Step II (Optional). You can directly past this link instead: <link rel=”canonical” href=”https://www.example.com”>

here example.com should be replaced by your own domain name.

Step III. Upload your updated php.index file.

2. How To Add Canonical Tag In WordPress

Adding canonical tags in WordPress website is very simple. You can do this by any SEO plugins like Yoast, RankMath, All in One SEO, etc.

Yoast SEO is one of the most used SEO plugins with a long used track record, So, I am telling you adding canonical URL with Yoast SEO.

Adding Canonical Tags In Yoast SEO Plugin

Step I. Open Yoast SEO Plugin Setting Below Your Post.

Step II. Here you will se an Advance Option click on it.

Canonical URL In WordPress
Canonical URL In WordPress

When you will click on Advance you will some dropdown setting.

In the last there is an option for adding Canonical URL.

Step III. Paste your primary or main URL here like https://www.example.com/……

Canonical URL In WordPress
Canonical URL In WordPress

Benefits of Adding Canonical Tags

  • By adding Canonical tags browser came to know about the original page of your site.
  • It improves the ranking of webpages.
  • On adding canonical tags your link juice will transfer to the primary content.
  • Content Duplicacy removed from similar content.
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