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Hello! & Welcome to SatendraSaini.Com – Supporting You Online For Blogging, SEO & Tech information. We are dedicated to serving you full of honesty. Here information and tips are completely authentic and genuine.

SatendraSaini.com was initially started in 2018. Our primary objective was to help beginners with blogging along with search engine optimization (SEO) tips and tutorials. Also, we provide some technical support for website, SEOs, and bloggers.

Man Behind SatendraSaini.com

My name is Satendra Kumar Saini. I am the founder of the Satendrasaini.com.

I am a Blogger, Web Designer, Affiliate Marketer, and Stock & Cryptocurrency Trader.

मैं भारतीय हूँ और मेरा धर्म हिंदू है। I am proud to be भारतीय हिंदू.

Satendra Kumar Saini

Early Life & Educational Background

I belong to Noorpur Rural Area District Bijnor Utter Pradesh Bharat. In childhood, I saw villagers work hard in agriculture and earn very little. So, I decided to do something else like some smart work for passive earning. And the way for it was education so, I start focusing on my books.

I completed my school from UP Board. After schooling, I went to Meerut for graduation. I did my engineering at Utter Pradesh Technical University Lucknow.

During my Engineering I do a lot of research for my passion. And finally I decide blogging as my ultimate goal.

Career Background

During my engineering in 2012, I start network marketing but with some software and computer education company. I didn’t make any sales but get a lot of knowledge about marketing.

After this, I join an online survey company through multilevel marketing. I earned a lot from this but within 1 year that company scammed us. That was the time I realize to do something genuine and authentic work. I focused on my education and complete my engineering degree.

In 2014, I got placed in a manufacturing company as a quality/design engineer. But I was not happy with my salary and growth. So, I switch to another company after 2 years. Now, I joined as Senior Design Engineer for Molds and Die. Now salary was fine but working environment was not as I wished.

After spending another 2 years I realize this was not a lifestyle I was looking for. I want to be my own boss. So, I decided to get back to my passion. In 2018 I started blogging and never look back. Now I am a full-time blogger since 2018.

I help others to do blogging and earn from Advertising, Paid Articles, and Affiliate links. During blogging, I learn HTML, JavaScript, SEO, Search Console, Social Media Marketing, WordPress, web designing.

After earning money from blogging, I invest in Stock Market and Cryptocurrency Market for extra profit. Likewise, I share information about cryptocurrency trading and investment on my other blogs.

Satendra Saini Social Profile

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Who Is Satendra Saini?

Satendra Kumar Saini is a blogger from Bharat. He has expertise in Blogging, SEO, Affiliate marketing, Cryptocurrency Trading, etc.

Satendra Saini First Blog Name?

Initially I start a successful blog on hubpages.com. Name & Address of my first blog is https://www.satendrasaini.hubpages.com

Satendra Saini Income?

Satendra Saini earns from multiple sources like Blogging, SEO, Website Designing Service, Paid Consultancy, Affiliate Marketing, Cryptocurrency Trading, etc. He makes a total of five figures earning per month easily.

Satendra Saini Course?

I did not offer any course. But planning to launch a new blogging course soon. I will update you here.